How Do General Dentists in Canyon Texas Apply Crowns to the Teeth?

by | Nov 28, 2013 | Dentist

Your teeth are naturally very strong when they are healthy and rarely experience damages. If your tooth structure has been compromised by a cavity, it can become prone to damage. When this type of situation occurs with a tooth, many dentists will recommend their patients have a crown put into place. Not only can crowns cover the damage in your tooth and make it more stable, but they can also cover a tooth that has become stained or is malformed. Through the General Dentists Canyon, Texas, your tooth can be completely covered, with a crown that looks and behaves like a natural tooth.

How are Crowns Placed on the Teeth?

When a person goes in to have a crown put on their teeth, they are first given anesthesia. Typically, a person will only need a local anesthetic, to kill the pain in the tooth being worked on. Once you are numb, the dentist will begin to shape your tooth. The shaping process rounds the corners of the tooth and makes it smaller in diameter. This is important because your tooth needs to snugly fit inside the crown.

Once the General Dentists Canyon, Texas feels your tooth is shaped correctly, he or she will try the crown on your tooth, to make sure it provides a perfect fit. If any further trimming needs to be done, the dentist will continue to shape, until the tooth fits in well with the crown. Once the crown fits perfectly and is secure, the dentist will coat your tooth with a special dental cement. The cement will make the crown adhere permanently to your tooth, causing a tight seal.

Dental crowns are very strong and can last for years. You will need to undergo routine maintenance from time to time, to ensure your crown remains in place. With proper care, you can keep your crown in good shape, so you do not experience any damage to the tooth structure or the crown.

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