How Chemical Peels and Other Treatments Turn Back the Clock

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Getting older may be inevitable, but looking your age is not. Thanks to modern medical advances, there are hundreds of procedures that can reduce many of the signs of aging and erase other problems. Facilities like Oklahoma City’s Longevity offer medically-supervised Chemical Peels, Botox treatments, and more.

Peels Offer Instant Improvement

Age, the sun, and acne are just some of conditions that can dull skin and leave it looking old and unattractive. However, quick Chemical Peels will instantly brighten skin, remove many imperfections, and minimize fine lines. The procedures can be done quickly and are relatively painless. Clients can choose from options that include:

*   The Illuminize Peel: This is a good choice for those with mild skin problems. It reduces the signs of sun damage, irregular pigmentation, and fine lines. It can be repeated every two weeks if necessary.

  The Vitalize Peel: Those with serious acne, moderate sun damage, or wrinkles can benefit from this peel. It produces immediate results, but skin improves dramatically after three to six applications. Clients typically get the best results with three or more procedures.

*   The Rejuvenize Peel: Technicians suggest this procedure to those with severe acne scarring or skin abnormalities. It can reverse more serious sun damage and facial lines. Clients can repeat it as often as every four to six weeks.

   The Vivant Pro Peel: This procedure is recommended for those who want to stimulate cell regeneration and remove dead skin cells. It boosts collagen production and elastin growth. Technicians use a four-step procedure that combines acids and natural moisturisers. Professionals often recommend the Vivant Pro Peel to clients with skin that is resistant to medium depth procedures.

Facial Fillers Restore Contours

Wellness facilities offer fillers such as Botox when clients want to instantly reverse wrinkles and look more refreshed. During the procedure, technicians inject Botox into forehead lines, furrows between the eyes, saggy eyebrows, and crow’s feet.

It is becoming increasingly popular for people to make quick visits to wellness clinics when they want to erase skin imperfections. The medically-supervised facilities offer a variety of peels, fillers, and other treatments that can reduce the signs of ageing and eliminate many skin problems.

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