Home And Office Duct Cleaning

June, 2014 by Alma Abell

As your cooling appliance pushes air through your home or office it’s bringing in air from outside. That air from outside could be filled with all sorts of allergens, which could be filling your ducts more and more with every day of use. Those allergens are being spread throughout your home or office and might be the cause of asthma symptoms, nasal congestion, or even difficulty breathing. Some people are very sensitive to those allergens and could be suffering from year round nasal congestion. Those symptoms can be stopped with regular Duct Cleaning from Eco Air OF Southwest Florida. By removing allergens such as dust, pollen, and dander many symptoms can be stopped permanently. Not only will regular cleaning help improve air quality, it can help improve air flow, which allows the A/C unit to cool more efficiently.

As dust moves through ducts it ends up building up on vents where cool air is being moved into the home or office. When dust builds up on vent it reduces the amount of air moving through the building, making it harder for a cooling appliance to move air. Reduced air flow means that the appliance won’t be cooling as efficiently as it should be, raising the cost of operating the A/C. Cleaning ducts prevents that build-up and improves the air flow through a home or office. It might take a while for dust to build up enough to drastically reduce air flow, but regular Duct Cleaning prevents it altogether.

Any homeowner with small children or elderly family members should be concerned about the quality of air in their home, which makes it very important to schedule regular cleaning. When dust, pollen, and dander is removed from the air system the quality of air in a home improves. Improved air quality makes it much less likely that symptoms of asthma or nasal congestion will occur. Improved air quality also means that the air in a home will smell better. No one will have to deal with that musty smell anymore. Children with asthma might even show signs of improvement after a duct cleaning, and regular duct cleaning could help keep those symptoms at bay.

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