Holiday Apartments: Should You Choose a B&B or a Serviced Apartment?

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Holiday Apartments: Should You Choose a B&B or a Serviced Apartment?

Many individuals and families like to travel during the holidays. This can include both exotic destinations and quaint towns. Getting away for the holidays can help families spend quality time together and make memories that will last a lifetime. Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs) have long been the go-to accommodation for holiday travelers. Recently, however, a new option has become increasingly popular: serviced apartments. If you’re looking for holiday apartments in Kenya, you may be interested in this option.

What is a Bed and Breakfast?

A bed and breakfast is a small establishment, usually in a converted home. B&Bs have a certain number of rooms, generally between five and ten, where individuals can stay overnight. The benefits of a B&B over a hotel include a more homey living space and the comfort of a smaller establishment. B&Bs are usually run by one person, a couple or a family, as opposed to hotels, which are generally run by corporations. Additionally, B&Bs accommodate their guests with scheduled meals that are included in the price of the room rental. Guests eat together in a dining room, and the food is either made by the owner or by a hired cook. If you’re traveling to Kenya for the holidays, you may want to choose a B&B or choose holiday apartments in Kenya.

What is a Serviced Apartment?

There are two types of apartments holiday travelers can book for their getaway: serviced and un-serviced apartments. For both, guests stay in a vacant apartment instead of in a single room. This can be an ideal option for families, as you’ll have the benefits of a full living space while also having the luxury of being away from home. You can still make your holiday meals and participate in whatever holiday traditions you’ve made as a family. You don’t have to worry about other guests or about eating at a specified time.

For un-serviced apartments, you are generally renting someone’s private residence while they are out of town themselves. This is a viable option, but it comes with inherent risks. You’ll be responsible for maintaining this personal apartment, and you may feel like you’re encroaching upon someone else’s territory, whether they’re there or not. Alternatively, when you’re looking for holiday apartments in Kenya, you may want to choose a serviced apartment. These units have all the benefits of an un-serviced apartment, but they are designed specifically for guests. Guests cook their own meals in the fully furnished kitchens, and they also get the B&B-type privileges of housekeeping services and staff who are available to answer questions. Additionally, serviced apartments often have amenities for their guests, such as a restaurant and an exercise room.

Holiday apartments in Kenya are ideal for families looking to make memories away from home. When you look for holiday apartments in Kenya, consider choosing a serviced apartment. Visit

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