Hire a Plumber in Lawrenceville for Repairs and Upgrades

June, 2014 by Alma Abell

If your sinks aren’t draining or your toilet isn’t flushing, it’s obvious that you need a plumber Lawrenceville. Fixing clogs is a big part of most plumbers’ businesses, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting this sort of work performed. If you have a leak, need new plumbing, or need to have a fixture installed, the differences in plumbing services become more apparent. That’s when you need an experienced company like RS Andrews Lawrenceville.

A good plumber isn’t baffled when you have a water leak with no apparent source, or one that’s in the middle of 20 feet of copper pipe. He’ll know enough about how water moves and what pipes tend to leak, so he’ll have a good idea of where to start looking. If it turns out that it is coming from the middle of a long pipe, he may be able to solder a patch in place instead of replacing the entire thing. If a patch isn’t possible, for example because the entire pipe is corroded and will just leak somewhere else, he’ll replace the pipe with a material that will last for decades before needing further service.

Fixing plumbing isn’t all that a full-service company does. If you decide you want new fixtures, you can have them put in quickly and flawlessly by a good plumber Lawrenceville. While some think that replacing a simple faucet is easy, it can actually get quite problematic. Hiring a plumber means that you won’t have to deal with connections that have corroded into place over the last 40 years, pipes that have become brittle, or any of the other hidden problems that often crop up when attempting jobs that of this sort.

Hiring a plumber is especially important if you want to install fixtures that are more complex than the old ones. Typical shower heads, for example, have just one head connected to a standard type of faucet. If you want to throw that out and get one of the fancy, 10-headed showers that spray you from multiple directions, new water lines will have to be brought to all of the extra outlets.

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