Hire A Disability Attorney In Grand Haven When You’ve Been Injured

by | Feb 10, 2017 | Lawyers

Receiving disability benefits after a worker’s been injured on a job is easier with the help of a Disability Attorney in Grand Haven. Injured workers are eligible to receive compensation for the loss of wages and medical costs because of their injury. The amount of money a worker is eligible to receive depends on their injury. There are several factors that affect the benefit payout including whether the injury is permanent or if it’s severe. A worker that is never able to return to work will receive more money than someone who is temporarily disabled.

Workers who are considered totally disabled are entitled to 80 percent of their average weekly wages. If a disability is only temporary, a worker is entitled to 80 percent of the difference between the employee’s weekly wages before and after the injury. All employees must wait seven days before receiving workers’ compensation payments. If the employee has been injured for two weeks or more, a worker can receive payment for the days they were not paid for. When an employee is off for more than a week, the employer must file a report with the Workers’ Compensation Agency. An employee should immediately contact their supervisor if they’ve been injured on the job.

Maneuvering through the workers’ compensation system can be incredibly confusing without the help of a Disability Attorney in Grand Haven. If a claim is denied, a worker must appeal to the Workers’ Compensation Agency within two years to dispute the denial. A company may attempt to force an employee back to work, so they don’t have to contact their insurance company or pay a claim. An attorney will represent an injured worker’s rights and make sure they’re protected from being in this type of situation.

Bleakley Law Offices P C has years of experience representing injured workers and personal injury victims in the area. They have the knowledge and experience to receive the highest settlement possible in any type of injury claim. There’s no reason to attempt to fight for your rights on your own when an attorney will work on a contingency basis. They will only receive money if you win your case.

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