Hints when building a home basketball court

October, 2013 by Alma Abell

Basketball is an obsession with many people; they don’t care if it’s NBA, NCAA, high school or in the back yard. Although so many people absolutely love the game very few have their own court at home, to most that is nothing but a dream. There have been significant advances in materials as well as the techniques used for basketball court construction and repair in Tampa FL. It actually is something that is now in the cards, you will be able to step out the door, shoot a few hoops with your kids or neighbors or use the surface for workout purposes. There are a few things that have to be taken into account;


The two primary things that have to be considered are where on your property are you going to site the court and how big will it be when finished. When you watch games, you know how often the ball is thrown out of the court; make sure your court is well away from the windows, patio doors or any other potentially dangerous area. Leave lots of space beyond the actual playing surface so when a player runs off the court he is still on the slab.

A good way to determine if there is enough room for a full size court or whether you will have to be satisfied with a half court, drive wooden stakes in what you think will be the boundaries, tie them together with string and have a look to see if the location is feasible.

Surface materials:

Although concrete is the most frequently used material for basketball court construction and repair in Tampa FL, it is also the hardest on the players; one trip and there goes the knees and elbows. Although a concrete slab is still required, there is a new material available which is tiles that interlock, the material is about ¾” thick, does not have an effect on the way the ball reacts but is soft enough to stave off any abrasions. Once the slab has been poured, and it needs to be a minimum of four inches thick, these tiles are laid. The tiles are a foot square and interlock like a jig-saw puzzle; they are available in a variety of colors.

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