High-end Designs With Affordable Concrete in St. Joseph

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Concrete is a wonderful product because of its amazing versatility. It can be inside and out, used for both functional and aesthetic reasons and is durable and relatively inexpensive. Decorative concrete has grown in popularity for patio designs because of all of the style options available. If you are planning a renovation,

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is a popular decorative style. The pattern choices are limitless and can be simple or intricate. The homeowner can choose a single concrete tile be stamped, use a pattern of them, mix and match styles and so much more. It is only as restrictive as the imagination of the person designing the project.

Stamping even allows specific textures to be added, mimicking brick, stone or any material. When done well, stamped concrete will give the appearance of a high end stone, while still at a concrete price. The only drawback is that stamped concrete is grooved and textured, making it harder to keep dirt out of crevices. It is important to remember it is also inconvenient for furniture placement, so pre-planning is important.

Dyed Concrete

Dyed concrete makes it easy to brighten a patio space with colors which accent the exterior of the home. Dye works much more effectively than paint because paint will fade, scuff and chip over time. Dyed concrete will camouflage chips less than paint because the color will remain the same. Tiles can be dyed to create patterns and can be used with stamped tiles to accentuate textures even more.

It is important that the pigments be mixed correctly, stamping be performed at the proper time to set correctly and a perfectly level surface is required for the tiles to maintain their integrity. For the best final results and for a product that will last decades, hiring a professional concrete company is recommended.

That is why for beautiful patios and any job using Concrete in St. Joseph, contacting the experts at a company like Peterman Concrete will help you get the beautiful results you are aiming for.

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