Give Your Employees the Accommodation They Deserve

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Give Your Employees the Accommodation They Deserve

When you have business to handle in far corners of the world, sometimes there is no other feasible solution than to have one of your men or women spend some extended time abroad in order to make sure everything goes smoothly. This sort of long-distance assignment can be very demanding and challenging for your employees since they are cut off from their friends, family and homes. However, there is a way to make sure that they are as comfortable as possible. Corporate serviced apartments in Kenya provide comfort, security and relaxation for business clients for both the long and short term.

A Home Away From Home

The next best thing to having your employees happy in their own homes is to have them happy in a home away from home. Corporate serviced apartments in Kenya provide the business traveler with all the comforts of their own houses. You can expect stylishly designed interiors, functional apartment layouts and comfy furnishings. They also include kitchens, dining and living areas. Laundry service is almost always available to make your employee’s life easier, and they can even arrange for grocery pickup for more convenience. Daily housecleaning is also standard.

Additional Amenities

Corporate serviced apartments in Kenya provide their guests with additional amenities for their personal enjoyment. A real home away from home allows guests to put work aside for a few hours while they enjoy the end of the day. A fitness center with free weights, cardio machines and treadmills is almost universally available, along with swimming pools for pleasure and exercise. Many serviced apartments also provide meeting rooms for on-site conferences, a business room where guests can handle any communications needs, and a café and lounge for socializing and kicking back.

Guest Security

Crowded capital cities around the world always have an element of crime and danger, and Nairobi is no different. However, you can expect quality corporate serviced apartments in the capital of Kenya to have security of the highest quality in place. A 24 hour reception is always available to assist guests with anything they need, and round the clock security patrols make sure the premises are always under watch. Properties are almost always enclosed by a secure perimeter fence, often electrified, and apartments all have panic buttons and peep holes for guests’ peace of mind.

Corporate serviced apartments in Kenya are a great way to treat your business travelers to a home away from home. Ensure that they are comfortable, secure and free to focus on their jobs. Heri Heights in Kenya provide their guests with services such as grocery pickup, laundry and daily housecleaning.

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