Getting Your Childs Eye Exam in Cape Fort Myers FL

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Getting an early start at keeping your child’s eyes healthy is very important. In fact, some optometrists recommend the first eye exam as early as age three. This is also a requirement for a child to have an exam before they start school. However, the earlier the exam is done, the sooner you can be assured your child has healthy eyes. This is also a great way to get a child familiar with going for an eye exam in Cape Fort Myers FL.

A young child’s eyes can be more sensitive than an adult’s. They are prone to getting childhood eye infections, such as pink eye. This is especially true if they are around other children for extended amounts of time. Places like day cares, preschools and home babysitting businesses that have several children together at one time are known for having such conditions to be passed between the children.

As your child grows older, they will still need yearly eye exams. This is extremely important after the child gets in school and is doing frequent reading or writing. Needing to focus for long periods of time to do schoolwork can cause strain on the eyes. This is often the time when it is discovered that a child needs glasses. If your child does get glasses, regular visits for an eye exam will need to be done to make sure the prescription does not need to be changed.

Once the child becomes a teenager, they may prefer to try wearing contact lenses instead of glasses. This too will require yearly checkups to make sure the contacts are still working to improve your child’s vision. Many teenagers also want to get colored contacts at this time as well.

Throughout a child’s life there are different times when it is important for him to visit an optometrist. This is just a part of making sure your child is healthy, just like regular dental or medical checkups. Taking every precaution to keep your child healthy from head to toe is the best step you can take to being an excellent parent.

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