Using a Waterjet Gives You a Better Result

May, 2013 by

While there are a lot of situations in which a saw is an appropriate cutting tool, there are also many in which it isn’t. In those cases a Water jet may be the best way to cut out the item. This cutting tool uses a thin stream of water, shot at high pressured from a nozzle, to cut. The stream may just be water, but it can also have an abrasive in it to help cut, depending on what the material is.

There are many reasons to use a cutter that uses water instead of using a saw of some sort. One is that you are able to get more precise cuts when you use water. The cuts are cleaner and smoother, which allows you to end up with a very precise cut. There isn’t going to be material around the cut that needs to be cleaned up, which also means it will require less time to finish the part.

Another benefit of using a Waterjet is that you are able to get more intricate and involved cuts. Since the water doesn’t need to have room to turn like a saw blade, you are able to get very detailed cuts. This fact also allows you to put the pieces that you are cutting very close to one another, closer than they would otherwise be, which leaves you with very little waste material.

Cutting with water also cuts down on dust, fumes, or other byproducts of cutting. It’s also a very environmentally friendly way to cut. After cutting, the water can be recycled using a closed system, allowing the water to be used again. Any waste water can easily be filtered and then into any drain. The abrasive, usually a grit made of garnet, isn’t toxic. It can be filtered from the water and reused. Because of the fact it isn’t toxic, it is easy to dispose.

Cutting with water leaves better, more precise cuts, with less wasted material. It allows for more detailed cuts than you would otherwise be able to get, giving you the ability to make more things than with other cutting tools.

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