Frequently Asked Questions About Oil Burner Maintenance

by | Mar 22, 2024 | Heating Oil Supplier

Homeowners can keep their oil heating systems running efficiently by requesting Oil burner maintenance service from an experienced company. Maintenance should be performed by a professional every year. Homeowners should learn the steps of basic maintenance so they can perform these tasks between service visits. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more information about maintaining an oil burner.

Q.) What are the maintenance steps when a technician services an oil burner?

A.) When servicing an oil burner, a technician inspects the fan belt and replaces this component if it’s showing signs of wear. The technician also tightens the belt if it feels too loose. During a maintenance inspection, the technician has to lubricate all the fittings on the blower motor so any friction is minimized when the unit is running. The specialist also has to make sure the burner nozzle is operating correctly by removing any dirt or dust that’s collected in the nozzle. When grime builds up on the nozzle, this can cause a clog that prevents the oil from moving into the burner.

Q.) What types of maintenance should a homeowner perform on an oil burner?

A.) For an efficient oil burner that lasts for many years, homeowners should perform simple maintenance steps every month. One of the most important maintenance steps is to keep the air filter clean at all times. When dust builds up on the filter, a homeowner should replace it with a new one. People who have pets may need to change their air filters more frequently. Homeowners should also keep dust from forming around the base of the unit by periodically sweeping or using a vacuum. The unit should be turned off and cooled down before using the vacuum or broom. If a homeowner spots soot on the furnace or if there’s dark smoke coming out of the chimney, these are indications the oil isn’t burning properly, and a technician should be called. Loud, rattling noises coming from the furnace also signify a problem that requires the services of an Oil burner maintenance technician.

Homeowners can keep their oil burner service in New York running efficiently by contacting Metro Energy and requesting maintenance service. This experienced company also provides heating oil delivery service as well as heating and cooling products.

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