Getting Veneers in Oahu, HI And Other Cosmetic Dentistry

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

If you have been considering getting cosmetic dentistry, this may be the opportune place for you to learn more about what to expect. Cosmetic dentistry typically involves teeth whitening treatments of some variety, dental bonding, crowns and bridges and veneers. A dental practice in Hawaii wants to tell you about Veneers in Oahu.

People get veneers for their teeth for many reasons. If their teeth are discolored (because of root canal work, excessive fluoride use or other causes), if their teeth are worn down, chipped or broken, these are reasons to consider veneers. Other reasons people get veneers are because of teeth that are not properly aligned, that are uneven or have an irregular shape, or teeth with too wide a gap between them. Therefore, when the procedure for veneers are done, the shells put on the outside of the teeth (usually only the part of the teeth seen when talking or smiling) are done in order to change the shape, size, color or length of the teeth.

Veneers are made of usually one of two materials: plastic or porcelain, with the latter being more popular. Porcelain veneers are chosen chiefly because of the porcelain material being closely resembled to actual teeth. Getting your porcelain veneers (or whichever type you choose) is normally a three trip process. The initial trip is for consultation and the latter two trips are for the making and application of the veneers. During the consultation, you and your dentist will discuss what your needs are and whether he or she thinks that getting veneers are even the best route for you, in the first place. After such a discussion, then will begin the process, which includes the removal of approximately 1/2 millimeter of your tooth enamel.

A Bishop Street Dental Practice assists their patients in obtaining porcelain veneers and many other cosmetic dental practices. They offer a variety of other dental services such as emergency extractions, root canal therapy, routine oral care, preventative dentistry and restorative dental services. If you need a dentist who is skilled at applying Veneers in Oahu and Honolulu, Hawaii, A Bishop Street Dental Practice is available for service.

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