Getting Party Ice is Easy

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There are several kinds of party ice that you could use for a special event. The types of ice that can work are often made in varying forms used for all kinds of special needs. Packages can come in many forms and should be made to handle the specific needs that you might have for what you want for different needs.

Standard Ice Bags

One kind of ice to find for your event is traditional ice that comes in a bag. You can get a variety of ice bags that we five to ten pounds on average. These ice bags are made to help you get the ice that you need for keeping items cool for any special event that you have. In fact, you could find several kinds of ice in these bags. Some of these kinds include things like:

  • Traditionally-made cubes
  • Shaved ice that is very fine in texture
  • Crushed ice that comes in flakes
  • Larger blocks that might weight about half a pound on average


A larger set of bags could be sold to you just as well. This set of bags is known as a sleeve. It can be used to help you out with transporting ice to whatever spots you want to get the ice in. This is especially needed if you want to keep your ice treated without worrying about having to use only one large bag just to get ice spread out.

Dry Ice Help

Another part of getting party ice involves finding dry ice. This can be used for all kinds of things like decorative purposes or for creating special ice effects for special things that might come about in a party. You should make sure that the dry ice you get is fully bagged. It is very dangerous to the touch and must be protected the right way.

Big Blocks are Available

Sometimes the biggest blocks of ice are the best things to use. These blocks can work for parties because they are made to create massive amounts of ice that you could break open for different needs. You might also get these large blocks chiseled to create some attractive ice sculptures. These could be made with as many special designs as you want.

The size of the block can vary according to what’s available. You should be aware of what you are using so you can find the right item that works well for whatever you have. You might find some smaller blocks that are twenty-five pounds in weight. In other cases you might find a block that is at least a hundred pounds in weight. These are useful provided that you get someone to handle truck or other item that could lift it out to your space.

The options for party ice that you could be using are very valuable. There are many different kinds of ice options that work with all of the necessary functions that you have to get taken care of. Be sure to see these features if you want to get a great frozen item going for whatever it is you want to get out of your party.

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