Getting Crowns in Scottsdale

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If you went to the dentist and they said you have to have a crown put on, it’s not because you’ve become a king or queen. A dental crown is used to correct a problem. When normal people talk about crowns, we always associate it with kings, queens, or a prize. But in the dental world, a crown is rather like a cap. Imagine that your tooth has a problem concerning size or shape. This could be because of weakening or it just looks bad. A dental crown is responsible for correcting the problem because it covers the visible portion of your tooth.

When would you need to see a dentist that puts on Crowns in Scottsdale? It all depends on these situations:

* When a tooth is weakened due to cavities;

* Restoring a tooth that is broken or too worn;

* To cover and support a tooth that has a large filling;

* To hold a dental bridge in place (where there is a large space between teeth);

* To cover a tooth that is deformed or discolored and / or

* To cover a dental implant.

There are several types of crowns depending on the material they are made:

* Metal: usually made of palladium, nickel, chromium or gold alloy. The advantage of these crowns is that they last much longer, and the disadvantage is that its color is metallic.

* Resin: they are much cheaper than metal. However, over time they tend to break easily.

* Ceramic or porcelain: the advantage is that they have a color very similar to the natural color of the teeth and are ideal for people who are allergic to metals. However, they are not as strong as those who have metal. With all that said, they remain the best choice for front teeth.

In addition, dental Crowns in Scottsdale may be temporary or permanent. The temporary are done in the dentist’s office while the permanent are done in a dental laboratory. Usually, temporary crowns are put in place until the laboratory manufactures the permanent set. If you have any questions concerning crowns or any other dental procedure, call your Family Dentistry office.

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