Get Rid of Unwanted Critters with the Help of Animal Removal Services in Minneapolis

February, 2014 by Alma Abell

Sometimes, animals move into people’s homes. Unfortunately, these are unexpected guests, and not typical house pets. Often, home owners find themselves having issues with squirrels, mice, rats, raccoons, and other critters. While these animals are very cute, they are also extremely destructive, and home owners need to take steps to get these critters out of their homes. Many animals will look for places to go in the spring, when they are ready to have their babies. Most often, they will leave as soon as their babies are raised. If they don’t, something will need to be done.

In many cases, home owners can try to get rid of the unwanted critters themselves before calling in specialists in animal removal services in Minneapolis. Most wild animals are nervous, and don’t like lights or loud noises. Placing a radio in the area where they are nesting is a good way to keep them from coming back, as is keeping lights on in the area, even if it is just a flashlight. This is to be done at night for nocturnal animals such as raccoons and skunks, and during the day for diurnal animals like squirrels. Once home owners know for sure that the animals are gone, they can seal off the opening so they can’t get back in. It is important to wait until the animals are out of the home, because they can starve to death, and will create an odor throughout the home.

It is easy to tell if the animals have left the building. One way is to close all but one opening, and place flour on the ground near that opening. If there are tracks leading in or out, animals are still in the home. Listen for the sounds of animals moving in the walls and ceilings. Home owners can also install a one-way door that allows the animals to leave, but not come back.

When these efforts don’t work, it’s time to call in professional help in the way of animal removal services in Minneapolis. They can do inspections for mice and other intruders, identify the critters in the home, and find the best way to remove those critters.

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