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No matter how solid your roof is, it will eventually need replacement. You shouldn’t have your roof replaced too soon because of the expense involved, but waiting too long can also cost you in the form of water damage and leaks. To time your roofing replacement correctly, you should follow these professional tips from on assessing your roof’s condition and looking for signs of failure.

Look for Leaks

If you hire a roofer to inspect your roof once per year, you should have no trouble budgeting and planning for upcoming repairs. Early warning signs include water spots on ceilings, dampness along fireplaces, water stains on furnace vent pipes and peeling paint on overhangs.
You can do a visual inspection of your roof with binoculars. Look for signs such as rusty flashing, peeling shingles and worn patches around skylights, pipes and chimneys. Finding asphalt shingle grit in your gutters is a bad sign, as are algae, lichen and moss stains. If during your inspection you find signs of roof decay, or if your home has been through a storm, it makes sense to get your roof professionally assessed.

When to Repair

If your roof is in otherwise good shape, most roofing companies Tucson can easily fix a leak. Repair costs can range from less than $100 for filling a gap in chimney flashing, to over $1000 to fix a leaky valley. If a sudden storm causes a leak, your homeowner’s police will likely pay for the repairs. However, it’s still your responsibility to mitigate the damage however possible.

The Expense of Roof Replacement

Removal and replacement of composition shingles costs an average of about $3 per square foot, but some roofers may recommend adding a new layer on top of an existing shingle layer. If you plan to move in the foreseeable future, this may be a smart strategy, but it’s not always the best choice.

Consider the Hidden Costs

When evaluating bids from Roofing Companies Tucson, don’t just consider the job total. A basic estimate may include a single layer of paper underneath, while a competitor’s bid may include thicker paper and trim along the eaves. Bids may not include extras such as disposal of old materials, gutter and structural repairs; you’ll need to choose wisely. Visit website for more information!

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