Frequent Issues with Heat Pumps in Woodbridge, VA

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

You can be sure that when you are experiencing problems with your HVAC, maybe your air conditioning isn’t quite cooling or your heat is not working properly, somewhere, you might have heat pump issues. What exactly does your heat pump? As the name suggests, it pumps heat from one place to another. Having said that, an air conditioner really is a type of heat pump, since it transfers heat from inside your house to the outside. In any case, if you are having problems with your heat pump, there is a company – Woody’s Sudden Service Heating & Cooling, that services and repairs Heat pumps in Woodbridge, VA. They want to tell you about frequent heat pump issues.

1. When your heat pump has ice on it, it may be that the moisture in the air is causing the frost, such as in precipitant conditions. The heat pump has an automatic defrost cycle; however, if the ice or frost still stays on your pump, there is an issue with the defrost that will need to be checked out.

2. If your unit is making weird noises like banging or scraping, turn it off that you will prevent further damage from whatever is going on. Call your repair technician for further investigation.

3. Sometimes the auxiliary light on your unit stays on all the time. Under normal circumstances, this may occur, but if this seems to occur during warmer weather, you may have a problem with your outside unit and you will need to have it checked out.

4. If nothing at all seems to be working on your heating and cooling system, check all your dedicated circuit breakers and power switches. If all that checks out, you may have an electrical problem. Call your HVAC technician.

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