Forget These Two Myths About Property Management Firms

by | Nov 7, 2013 | Real Estate

If you are a rental property owner in the Logan area, you have undoubtedly heard of property management firms and the bad myths that surround them. You may have even been considering working with a property management firm in Logan until you heard these rumors. For some reason, there are people out there who believe that these firms are a waste of money or time. Unfortunately, these people have been mislead into believing false information. The truth is when you work with the right property management firm in Logan, you will experience benefits beyond what you ever thought possible.

Myth 1 – You Don’t Need a Property Management Firm

One of the biggest myths is that you don’t need to take advantage of the services of a property management firm. Until you try to manage a property on your own, which can include everything and anything from repairs to accounting, you won’t realize how valuable a property management company can be. With tasks like collecting rent, marketing, finding new tenants, background checks, maintenance and upkeep, you definitely will need help from an expert if you want to make more money then you spend. A property management company will maximize the return on your investment and take care of the day-to-day management of your property. What could be better than that?

Myth 2 – Property Management Firms are Not Worth the Money

It is true that you will need to pay in order to get the benefits of a property management firm, but some people think that the money isn’t worth it. Likely, these are people who have previously worked with bad firms and didn’t research enough to see this from the beginning. When you work with a property management firm, you will be paying anywhere from about 4% to 15% of your gross monthly rent depending on the firm and the services they offer. However, you have to remember that the goal of these companies is to maximize your returns, so even when paying for these services, you are still going to be making more money.

These are the main myths when it comes to property management, but those looking for help that quite commonly hear these myths should research the truth. It is important if you own rental property that you don’t listen to these myths. You do need help if you want to succeed faster and with less stress. By finding one of that these firms are well worth the money, you’ll be extremely satisfied.

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