Five Key Benefits of In Floor Heating Cincinnati

by | Nov 21, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

In Floor Heating, also known as underfloor heating, is a heating system that combines conduction, convection and radiation to enhance and control indoor thermal comfort. Apart from the general heating aspect of In Floor Heating, the system offers other important benefits to its users. Here are five key benefits of In Floor Heating in Cincinnati area.

1. Comfort – Floor-based heating systems offer greater comfort levels than other types of heating because of the way they deliver their heat. Unlike forced air heating systems, floor based heating gently warms the surfaces of everything and everyone in the room. These systems also tend to be less drying than air heating systems, which adds to their derived comfort levels.

2. Undetectable – The fact that floor-heating systems are completely undetectable to the naked eye is a huge benefit to its users. Typical units that emit heat are usually not aesthetically appealing and often limit furniture arrangement options. Eliminate aesthetic issues completely by installing the heating element under any type of flooring.

3. Quiet – Typical heating systems, such as those that use forced air, tend to be extremely noisy during operation. Floor heating systems are exceptionally quiet and are often even completely silent during operation, depending on its design. In homes or other spaces where maintaining a quiet space is important, this type of heating system proves invaluable.

4. Durable – Heating systems combined with concrete slab flooring are some of the most durable surfaces imaginable. Along with providing consistent and comfortable heat, this type of flooring easily withstands every day wear and tear in busy and high traffic work areas. This type of heating system is ideal for spaces such as garages, recreation rooms, basements and industrial buildings.

5. Clean – An important benefit of floor-based heating systems is how clean they remain during operation. Heating systems that depend on airflow tend to deliver and circulate dust, germs and odors during operation. Underfloor heating eliminates this issue, which helps to keep your space clean and free of harmful allergens.

These are five of the major benefits of utilizing In Floor Heating Cincinnati. Along with providing a more natural feeling heat, underfloor heating systems also reduce energy costs because it is easier to maintain room comfort at a lower temperature. When you are ready to enjoy the many benefits of in floor heating, employ highly qualified specialists who offer guaranteed satisfaction with your heating system for years to come.

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