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A person who get behind the wheel after having been drinking has a chance of being arrested and charged with a DUI or a DWI. The difference lies in the results of their BAC (blood alcohol content) test. If the person has a BAC of .08% or higher, they can be charged with a DUI (driving under the influence). If they have a BAC of between .04% and .08%, however, they can be charged with a DWI (driving while impaired). While a DWI is a lower charge, it does still come with serious penalties and needs to be handled with care.

The DWI charge means a person is facing up to two months in jail, up to $500 in fines and penalties, and a license suspension of a minimum of six months. This is lower than a DUI’s penalties, but it is a significant penalty and means a person will now have a criminal record and could face penalties that are harsher if they are arrested and convicted of the same thing in the future.

The person’s only chance to avoid all of this is to contact a DWI attorney in Salisbury, MD as soon as possible after their arrest. The attorney can do quite a bit to help them with their case, including possibly having the charges dismissed or lowered. The chance for this depends on the exact circumstances of that person’s situation, including why they were pulled over and what happened after they were stopped. The faster the person hires an attorney, the more time the attorney has to spend on the case and the more likely it is they’ll be able to do something to mitigate the severe penalties the person is facing.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DWI, you don’t want to wait to contact a DWI attorney in Salisbury, MD. Visit website as soon as possible to learn more about hiring a lawyer and to speak with someone who can help you. They’ll let you know what can be done for your situation and how they’re going to be able to help with the charges against you.

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