Find a Dentist in Merchantville for Your Cosmetic Needs

by | Aug 8, 2013 | Dentistry

Plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry are two fields that are becoming more popular with both men and women. Common procedures include teeth whitening, straightening, fillings that fill cracks and veneers that hide gaps. Cosmetic Dentistry is needed to boost anyone’s self-esteem and confidence. A good dentist uses the most advanced tools in dental technology. This professional responds to all patient needs and sets up an individual plan. If you are interested in this cosmetic work, review the services of a reliable Dentist in Merchantville.

One type of cosmetic procedure is the installation of porcelain veneers. These custom-made devices are thin, natural-colored materials that improve the looks of teeth and prevent against further damage. For decades, the veneers have been used to make teeth look bright, white and perfect. The dentist bonds the veneers onto the front parts of the teeth. Choose a custom design based on several elements like color, size and length. Porcelain reflects light well and improves brightness. Porcelain resists major stains, but you still have to maintain the teeth and reduce your smoking or coffee consumption. To receive the best results, set up a thorough consultation.

Braces and clear teeth straighteners are made to straighten teeth over several months or years. Braces guarantee effective results, but the Invisalign product is becoming more popular. These teeth straighteners are clear to avoid detection and plastic to guarantee comfort. The dentist makes a custom-made set using lab images. The Invisalign aligners can be removed during meals and cleaned regularly.

Getting natural-colored fillings is another procedure that replaces dark, mercury fillings. The resin used in fillings can also cover dark spots that may or may not be affected by cavities. The dentist can fill in gaps or cracks anywhere on a tooth. The fillings last for many years, as long as the patient refrains from harsh, acidic foods.

A cosmetic dentist does all the procedures that improve the aesthetics of the teeth, gums and mouth. This professional can create veneers, brighten teeth, replace lost fillings and improve the overall smile. In a few office visits, make significant improvements to your appearance. Whether you have visibly yellowed teeth or an obvious gap, schedule an appointment before the problem worsens.


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