Fewer Vacancies through Advertising with a Property Management Company

by | Oct 23, 2013 | Real Estate

Are you experiencing difficulty with filling vacancies on your rental property? Have you tried a number of methods to resolve the issue? Landlords typically experience trouble with vacancies, and while it is important to fill them as quickly as possible, it is also essential to utilize the correct marketing methods to draw in quality tenants. Marketing, advertising, assessing possible tenants, and making a selection, however, takes time and commitment many investors cannot afford to provide. If you are an unavailable property owner yet still need assistance meeting the everyday duties on your property, employ a qualified property management company. Inverness professionals possess the resources and know-how to effectively market vacancies and simplify the process of tenant selection.

Aggressive Marketing
Effectually reaching out to prospective tenants is vital if you are experiencing a problem with prolonged vacancies. Gaps in revenue can affect not only your personal finances but your ability to meet tenant needs by completing emergency and everyday repairs. Your agent will have access to a tried and tested marketing and advertising plan through their property management company as well as the experience and patience needed to cast a broad net. Placing signs in front of your property, posting and handing out flyers, creating ads on free and paid listing sites, and utilizing relationships with realtors in the markets are some of the common ways property managers market vacancies on their clients’ properties. You will not have to worry about setting aside time to continuously post ads in online or paper publications, as your agent will market continuously and aggressively until the vacancy is filled.

Intelligent Selection
In addition to providing expert marketing services, your property manager will assist you with choosing a tenant who matches your preferred criteria. Filling vacancies intelligently begins with conducting detailed screenings, interviews, and reference checks of applicants before making a selection. This helps to ensure potential tenants can make monthly rental payments on time, abide by the terms of their rental agreement, respect your property, and refrain from causing disruptions. Your agent will likely understand the importance of choosing a prospective renter wisely and that simply filling a vacancy is not nearly as beneficial as filling a vacancy with a quality, paying tenant.

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