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by | Mar 2, 2012 | Business And Finance

Invoice factoring is the sale of a firm’s accounts receivable to a funding company or source. This is done at a discount from the face value of the debts in return for immediate revenue. Funding sources are known as factors. The process is pretty simple; a company with a service or product that issues invoices to customers utilizes the services of factoring accounts Dallas services. They immediately purchase the invoices and then advance initial payment of the amount.

Increased Revenue Flow

One of the more attractive aspects of a factoring arrangement is the continual level of revenue into the business’s bank account. This allows for more effective business operations and planning in an efficient and timely manner. Because revenue is so critical these days, cash flow is an essential asset. Regardless of how much sales are obtained, when sales revenue becomes tied up as a receivable for an extended period of time, the company can be at higher risk. Therefore, factoring is an excellent short-term facility for businesses that are cash heavy in receivables.

Readily Available Financing

The factoring system is additionally a great financing resource as the process automatically will adjust to every company’s unique growth rate. Because new invoices trigger additional cash flow, this is a continual process. Factoring receivables is the only mechanism which is linked directly to businesses sales. The more sales activity and invoices the bigger the advance available on these receivables. As such, businesses in a growth pattern benefit greatly through invoice factoring since its allowing unlocking revenue tied up in invoicing.

Popularity of Factoring

Although not commonly known, factoring is more utilized than any other type of financing by businesses. Many major corporations and companies are users of the system and have been so for years. However, factoring arrangements are not exclusive to large industrial or commercial firms. As a matter of fact, factoring is an essential part of many smaller businesses growth plans.

Specialized Factoring

Although most accounts receivable factoring businesses cater to almost all industries, there are those which specialize in specific markets. One which has been growing recently is medical accounts receivable. This is used by medical facilities including hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and other health care centers. Because the medical industry is distinctive in nature, specialized factoring companies are preferred. A factoring accounts Dallas firm uses a variety of receivable factoring strategies and facilitates cash flow for businesses to secure capital.

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