Ensure Your Home or Business is Properly Protected With Expert Plumbing in Olympia, WA

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Today’s home and business has multiple plumbing systems used for moving both fresh, potable water and removing waste sewage from the building. The fresh water system comes in from a primary line which is then separated at the hot water heater. At this point there is now one cold water line that runs through the building and a hot water line that generally runs close to it. For homes these pipes will be installed into the bathroom, kitchen and utility area with an extra spigot or two that are available outside the house for easy access. In a business the plumbing could run all over the place depending on the purpose of the building itself. For example, multiple story buildings are often offices where each have their own plumbing installation branched off of a main supply and a sewage return that connects to a large sewer line.

The other side of Plumbing in Olympia, WA. is the sewage evacuation system. Sewage lines are generally large pipes that run under the floor. Because of their function people often use them to remove many things that should never be put into a sewage system. For example, people have been known to toss disposable diapers, newspapers and numerous other products that seem to be bio-degradable only to have the system clog up and back flow into the building.

Sewer clogs are probably the most common plumbing problem in the country. To remove the clog your preferred Plumbing in Olympia, WA specialist will need to use a pipe snake to push a hole into the clog. This step will generally force the flow of water and wash the majority of the clog away. Unfortunately, it won’t always be one hundred percent effective and to ensure the process worked it is best to have the plumber use a video snake to verify the clog is cleared. In cases where the clog is only partially removed the plumber may recommend using a hydro-jet system to clean the sewer pipe. This process uses a high pressure water flow to scour the gunk from the sides of the sewer pipe walls and returning the interior of the pipe to near new conditions. To ensure your plumbing is always functioning properly have it checked and repaired by an expert such as West Coast Plumbing.

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