Effective Filtration Systems in Waterford, MI for Clean Water Solutions

November, 2013 by

Investing in a water filtration system is an investment that consumers will greatly benefit from. Filtration Systems in Waterford, MI, remove harmful substances, including toxins, dangerous bacteria, metals and chemicals that are damaging to consumers health, and can be contributed to many diseases and medical conditions. Municipal water filtration systems provide a limited amount of protection from contamination, and the safest way to ensure consumers have clean safe water in their homes and their businesses is to install their own filtering systems.

Bottled water does not always provide the protection consumers expect from water they purchase. Many bottled water companies use reconstituted tap water that may or may not be filtered properly, and some bottled water companies use untreated tap water. Although many bottled water companies do use a water source that produces clean purified water, the cost for bottled water is astronomical and is only useful as drinking water. Verifying a bottled water company’s source for their water supply is not always an easy task and is time-consuming. Filtration Systems in Waterford MI, are the most cost-effective methods for obtaining clean water that is free of all contaminants, and saves consumers a significant amount of money.

Reverse Osmosis water filtrations systems are designed to remove a high percentage of contaminants out of water using filters and an intricate system that purifies the water and significantly reduces the amount of chlorine, sediments, lead, nitrates, cysts, detergents, and any other harmful contaminants. Filtration Systems in Waterford, MI, create better tasting water, and home owners can feel confident their water is safe in their homes, and for business owners their employees are protected as well.

Douglas Water has been providing Filtration Systems in Waterford, MI, for more than 40 years. They have a staff of trained water treatment specialists that have extensive years of experience in the industry, and they are licensed, bonded and insured contractors by their state. Their water filtration systems are affordably priced, and they offer their customers a variety of ways to pay for their systems. Customers can choose financing options, rental of water filtration systems, and renting with the option to buy. They provide professional installations, quick deliveries, and repair services within a reasonable amount of time. Douglas Water is committed to providing their customers with a high quality water filtration system and professional customer service representatives that will make certain they are pleased with their services.

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