Dry Cleaning in Minneapolis, MN: When Your Washing Machine is Inappropriate

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

Pilgrim Cleaners and Launderers fulfills all of your dry cleaning and laundry needs in both Minneapolis and Edina, Minnesota. Visit their clean shops staffed with caring professionals the next time you need just about anything cleaned. Family owned for three generations, My Pilgrim has used the best processes in the industry for more than seventy years.

Clothes are expensive, so when they need to be cleaned, you want to make sure that the dry cleaner you choose is knowledgeable in the care of different fabrics, materials and types of clothing. Having a relationship with a reputable dry cleaner is important when you have a rush or a special item, such as boots or leather items that need to be cleaned.

There are choices when you are in need of Dry Cleaning in Minneapolis, MN, and you should make sure you use one with convenient hours, good prices and fast turnaround times, as well as one that provides courteous and professional service when caring for your clothing and other items.

Certain items of clothing should not be washed in your home washing machine since they may shrink or become damaged. Fabrics such as silk, cashmere, suede, wool and acetate should always be dry cleaned, as should some acrylic, nylon and polyester items. Be sure to check each garment’s label to be sure that you are cleaning it properly.

A good dry cleaner will know right away how to best clean and press your garments, especially if it has decorations attached to it. Items with pleats or embellishments such as beading need extra care, but a professional has the knowledge and ability to care for them properly. When you take the items out of the plastic when you get home, each one should be ready to wear, and if it was correctly handled, any stains will have been removed, and it will be free of any wrinkles.

When you are in need of Dry Cleaning in Minneapolis, MN, Pilgrim is the place to go. When choosing a dry cleaning service provider, make sure it is a clean store with helpful employees who take the time to determine how to best dry clean or launder your garments. Visit website to know more.



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