Different Types of Tongue Rings

May, 2014 by Malissa Choi

When it comes to oral piercings, a popular option is a tongue ring. The main reasons for its popularity include that they are easy to conceal, maintain and can be an extremely fun addition in some intimate situations. Since Tongue Rings involve two extremely popular types of Body Jewelry, the captive bead ring and barbell, attractive and fun options are fairly easy to find. However, there is a bit of risk involved with tongue jewelry, including the possibility of dental damage when you wear it for an extended amount of time.

Types of Tongue Piercings Available

There are two general types of tongue piercing techniques. The person that is actually doing the piercing will select the jewelry based on where it is being placed and the client’s preference. The most popular option is dorsoventral piercing, which is one, vertical hole through a person’s tongue.

The second most popular option is a piercing that is referred to as the dorsolateral. This piercing is a horizontal hole that runs the entire width of the tongue. The majority of professional piercers do not offer this option, due to the level of risk it presents.

Jewelry Options for Dorsoventral Piercings

The majority of dorsoventral piercings will utilize a barbell-style of jewelry. These are easy to insert into the tongue and for the most part unobtrusive. If the piercing is in a location at the very front of a person’s tongue, the owner can opt for a captive bead ring if desired. You should only use jewelry that is composed for surgical grade plastic, titanium, yellow or white gold or stainless steel. It is extremely important to avoid silver due to the softness of the material, as well as its tendency to tarnish. No matter what type of jewelry is chosen, it is important to check the ball bearings on a regular basis for tightness, as these can often become loose and then be swallowed.

Specialized Options for Oral Jewelry

There are a number of other types of specialized jewelry that is specifically designed for intimate pleasures. These typically have to be purchased from a specialty store that specializes in body jewelry. Just like other options, these tongue rings are offered in a number of different colors and sizes.

If you are interested in the various options available for your Body Jewelry Tongue Rings, visit the Body Jewelry website for more information.