Cremations in Woodland, CA Offer Families Several Benefits

October, 2013 by Alma Abell

Cremations in Woodland, CA Offer Families Several Benefits

The decisions a family must make when a loved one passes away are, for the most part, very painful. If the deceased didn’t leave instructions, the family must determine whether to bury him in a casket or have his remains cremated. The type and scope of a funeral service must be decided upon. Unfortunately, the practical consideration of finances must also be part of the planning process. Experienced and caring funeral professionals can help guide a family through the difficult and often incomprehensible choices. However, pre-planning by the family before the loved one’s death can often mitigate the pain.

Most families have very definite ideas about the value and propriety of cremation or burial, often depending on the what the faith they practice says about the practices. If a loved doesn’t make his wishes known or the family doesn’t have strong feelings either way, cremation is usually the less-costly alternative of the two options. The body is taken to a crematorium where it is placed in a container and then burned until all that remains is ashes. The remains are typically called cremains today. Many funeral homes and chapels operate crematoriums on their premises and provide services for the family.

The major benefit of cremation is its lower price when compared to that of a traditional burial. A family isn’t required to purchase a casket and embalming services or a grave site. The family has the option of placing the cremains in an urn or similar container that can be moved easily. The deceased may have had a special relationship with a particular area such as a mountain meadow, lake or even an ocean. It is often possible to scatter his remains at his favorite location. Even if the cremains are buried, the small amount of space has a smaller environmental impact than a traditional burial does.

Cremations in Woodland, CA often include a service for the family following the cremation, although it isn’t necessary. The ability to plan a service when family members can be present is one of the primary benefits of cremation. A funeral home or chapel can offer the type of service common to a traditional funeral or one that is modified in accordance to the wishes of the deceased as well as the family. A cremation service performed by one of the professionals that offers Cremations in Woodland, CA can give a family the closure it needs.

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