Cosmetic Dentists Have Many Ways to Improve a Person’s Smile

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It’s unfortunate but true, that people are often judged by their appearance. People with crooked, broken or missing teeth are often at a disadvantage in social and business settings. Sometimes they are so self-conscious they hate to take part in a conversation or make a presentation. But recent improvements in Cosmetic Dentistry Port Orange, FL practices should give these people hope that their smiles can be perfect.

If a person’s teeth are extremely crooked with a bad overbite, they should see an Orthodontist who can recommend the best way to straighten them. He might suggest traditional braces or the newer invisible braces. Invisalign is one of the more popular brands. The dentist takes an impression of the patient’s upper and lower teeth. Then the computer generates a series of clear aligners to wear. The patient wears each one for about two weeks. Slowly they move the patient’s teeth into their correct location.

Chipped and oddly-shaped teeth, with bad spacing can be a problem as well. Before veneers people had to live with their teeth or have expensive crowns put on them. Today, the dentist can use veneers to even out teeth and correct poor spacing. In just one visit the dentist can create a new smile with resin veneers. If porcelain veneers are used then it takes about two visits. The dentist can shape resin veneers themselves. Porcelain veneers are crafted at a dental lab. These are thin shells that fit over the front of a person’s teeth. Some people believe that porcelain veneers look more like real teeth.

Tooth extractions scare people because they fear it will hurt. Thanks to powerful numbing agents, having a tooth pulled out isn’t painful. However, after the procedure, the patient can be upset when they see a hole in their smile. The closer the tooth is to the front the more upsetting it is. After the extraction site has healed, a Cosmetic Dentistry Port Orange FL expert can easily insert a dental implant into the patient’s jaw. A porcelain crown is then fit over it. Most people won’t be able to tell that it’s not a real tooth.

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