Corner Sofas Combine Style and Practicality to Make a Better Use of Space

September, 2013 by Alma Abell

Although they are not new, having been around since the 1940’s in the USA at least, corner sofas seem to be enjoying a new wave of popularity here in the UK.

The corner sofa concept became very popular during the 1950s when the Contemporary Furniture Movement began to shift emphasis from purely aesthetic considerations onto those of functionality, practicality and simplicity of style.

There followed a period when more traditional designs enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance which saw those designs which were popular during the previous century, such as Chesterfield sofas and the chaise longue, become popular again.

The efforts of the Contemporary Movement to keep furniture functional as well as looking good were typified by such designs as Robin Day’s famous sofa which he produced for Terence Conran’s then fledgling Habitat store. Simple, clean lines and a practical choice of materials made this one of the best-selling lines in the history of Habitat and one which is still produced almost fifty years later.

Leading designers like Conran and Day changed the way in which people populated their living space with function and practicality living alongside style and comfort. In this environment the corner sofa had a natural space in the pecking order due to the unique benefits that the corner concept delivered.

So what was it that made corner sofas popular and which has caused such resurgence again?

For a start, corner sofas are very suitable for socialising. Their unique arrangement enables groups of friends or colleagues to face one another when speaking and thus encourages interaction.

Many corner sofas are able to seat up to eight guests at a time which makes them the perfect design for sharing drinks or an informal meeting.

Corner sofas can also make your room look bigger. This being mainly due to the fact that such sofa groups are usually arranged around the perimeter of a room thereby leaving more space in the centre.

By purchasing corner sofas in London homeowners can make a stylish and practical choice for their modern homes. Nowadays, it seems, style and functionality need to go hand in hand, and no item of furniture delivers this objective better than a corner sofa.

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