Contract Manufacturing In Wisconsin With The Expertise You Can Depend On

by | Feb 11, 2014 | Business

The company of Caltronics Design and Assembly Inc. is well known for providing a vast variety of services in Engineering and Contract Manufacturing in Wisconsin, as well as the States of California, Minnesota and Illinois. As part of their Contract Manufacturing in Wisconsin and other states, they also provide electronic and PCB design to their customer base. Their company provides a well rounded series of professional services to help companies plan their designs from the earliest implementation stages to completed manufacture. The Caltronics team has the skill to design both mechanical and electronic components testing and programming suitable for all of your engineering needs.

What makes Caltronics so special and different from other companies in the field is the fact that they have been a family owned and run operation from the start. They have used this to dedicate themselves to customer service and exceptional service for all of their design, assembly and testing electronic services. With their experience and knowledge, their team can take any idea no matter now preliminary and create it from even the earliest of primitive drawings. It is not just their company commitment but their family goal to provide the best assembly services at all of their plants nationwide. It is their company mission to assist ideas in electronics from mere ideas to completed project to the best of their ability.

To further work with their customers, teams at all of their locations have the ability to find and source parts for every type of electronic design and assembly necessary for full production. This lets their clients know that with their expertise, they are more than a company that can only fashion electronic assemblies to order. If you need environmental testing for your chosen project, they are also adept at making this a reality as well. You can hand them any phase of your production and they will hand back to you a completed piece of electronics to the highest US standards. Using their combined knowledge, education and work experiences in the broad field of electronics, the Caltronics group takes both engineering and electrical design to new levels of imagination and excellence.

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