Consider Downsizing when Building your New Home

May, 2014 by

The home builders in Florida Keys FL are always watching for the latest home trends. It seems there is an interest in people opting to live a greener lifestyle. When building new homes, energy efficiency as well as using sustainable materials and products that are environmentally friendly such as low VOC products is becoming a must. However there are also many families trying to reduce their carbon footprint. This means there is more interest in smaller homes.

Ideas for Smaller Homes

In order to come up with comfortable designs for the smaller home there are many traditional spaces being removed from the layout. Additional spaces such as formal dining rooms might be replaced with eat-in kitchens or vice versa. Additional living space such as a rec room or family room is giving way to a single formal living room. The luxurious bathroom is becoming smaller with a focus on eco-friendly fixtures and low flow shower heads. The idea is to downsize wasted space and condense the home to provide the space required to be comfortable without the extravagance of too much space.

Better Value

One of the benefits of downsizing the house you design with home builders in Florida Keys FL is that it will allow you to build a home with better value. You will not only be enjoying the benefits of living a more eco-conscious life, but also lessen the financial burdens associated with building and maintaining a larger home. Your costs will be reduced both during the building process as well as your energy bills when you move in. Even your costs to furnish the home will be greatly reduced.

Cosier Family Living

In order to take advantage of every inch of space in a smaller home there has to be a more creative approach to the design. Consideration in the modern, downsized home offers interesting features that allow for multiple functions. Many families are looking at options such as “drop zones” where you can have a dedicated space for mail drop off, electrical outlets for recharging phones and a space to drop off school bags. Eat in kitchens are designed for entertaining to reduce the need for formal dining rooms. Smaller bathrooms still allow for luxuries without the need for massive showers or water wasting deep soaker tubs. Function becomes important to design to allow for everything to work for the eco-conscious family.

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