Common Problems Associated with a Garage Door in Minnesota

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

For many homeowners, a garage door is a great way to not only protect the contents of their garage, but their home and family as well. Just like other mechanical objects, garage doors are susceptible to breaking down and needing repairs to maintain their normal function. Usually, any repairs that need to be done to your garage doors should be handled by a certified professional. They will have the tools and the knowledge to fix just about any problem that you have with your garage doors. Many homeowners will try in vain to repair their garage doors, but they usually end up causing more damage in the long run. The following are a few of the common problems associated with a garage door in Minneasota.

Sticking Open or Closed

One of the most common problems associated with a Garage door in Minnesota is it sticking open or closed. The first thing you need to check when you notice this happening is the batteries in the remote control to see if they need replacing. If you open your garage door manually and it sticks on you, then you need to check and make sure that the track is lubricated enough to let the wheel roll up and down unobstructed.

Shimmies and Shakes

Another common problem that people have with a Garage door in Minnesota is bad shimmying or shaking on a regular basis. If you start to notice you are having this problem, the first thing that you need to check is track to make sure it is free of obstructions. If there is not trash or debris in the track, then the track itself may be warped, in which case you may have to have it replaced by a professional. The sooner you call a professional in to help, the less time you will have to waste on not using your garage doors.

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