Commercial Roofing Burnsville: Should You Choose Replacements or Repairs?

by | Oct 23, 2013 | Roofing

Many people are faced with the intriguing question of whether they should choose commercial roof replacement over roof maintenance options when handling waterproofing issues on their buildings. To some people, the answer is neither here or there, but the question that one must ask is whether the cost of repairing the roof exceeds the cost of doing a complete replacement. First, you will need to factor in the extent of damage, the cost of labor, materials and the frequency of future repairs. This way, you will come up with an objective and an accurate answer as to whether replacements are appropriate. There are numerous reasons you may want to perform repairs or roof re-installations. Here are some reasons that may necessitate roof repairs:

Leaking roofs can lead to extreme damage to the interior parts of the building, including electronics, ceiling tiles, walls, and insulation, all of which could cost you thousands of dollars to replace or remodel. Additionally, leaks on roofs, especially in a production line, can cause frequent downtime and delays in production. If the owner of the commercial building thinks that there shall be more repairs in the future, then the cost-benefit analysis dictates that he or she should embrace complete replacement as the most appropriate option.

The frequency of roof repairs depends on a number of factors, including the weathering, installation integrity, maintenance requirements, design quality and warranties given on Commercial roofing Burnsville. Therefore, proprietors, property managers and builders must conduct due diligence to determine the possible life expectancy of the roof that is to be installed or repaired. Upon establishing the projected life of a roof, homeowners should begin the process of hiring the right Commercial roofing Burnsville expert. Postponing roof replacements can cause a significant increase in the cost of installing a new roof in the future.

Roofing experts at Twin City Roofing project that owners with a 1 million sq. ft. roof with a projected life of 20 years should expect to repair about 50,000 sq. ft. each year. Therefore, if the cost of repairs is estimated at an all time low of $5 per sq. ft., then owners should be prepared to spend about $250,000 every year on roofing repairs. From this background, it is imminent that the compounded cost of repairs is higher than the cost of installing a new commercial roof.

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