Commercial Landscape Management And Business Curb Appeal

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Commercial Landscape Management And Business Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a term often heard when selling a home or a residential property. However, curb appeal is equally important for a commercial property. Customers and consumers make a judgment on a business, campus, facility or agency based on the first impression they have of the location.

Using a commercial landscape management company to maintain the grounds of any size of commercial or industrial property is an investment in branding, reputation, and first impressions. By working with an experienced landscaping service, you have the confidence and peace of mind in knowing the first impression will be a positive one all year round.

Healthy Lawns

One of the most important aspects of business curb appeal is a healthy, lush lawn. An experienced commercial landscape management will be able to make recommendations as to the type of grass for new lawns or when upgrading an existing lawn. Additionally, proper irrigation, fertilization, and weed control further contribute to a beautiful natural space.

Strategically Placed and Maintained Trees

Landscaping does not require the addition of gardens and flower beds throughout the property. In fact, strategically selected and planted trees and shrubs can create an amazing look with very limited care and maintenance required.

Talking to the landscape designers will ensure the look you require will be just what is provided. They can also work with your budget both for original landscaping as well as ongoing maintenance.

Perennial and Annual Plants

By choosing annual or perennial plants as well as trees and shrubs suited to your geographic area, the cost of maintaining a beautiful outdoor space can be very reasonable.

By choosing the correct grass variety, trees, shrubs, and plants to complement the business, companies can boost the curb appeal of their commercial or industrial space without spending a fortune.

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