Columbus, Ohio Heating Contractors Provide Year Round Comfort

by | Feb 27, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Ohio’s hot, humid summers make air conditioning a virtual necessity for homeowners’ comfort. Columbus, Ohio Heating contractors know that to perform properly, air conditioning systems must be serviced prior to the beginning of each cooling season. As a rule, cooling professionals suggest that area residents contact service providers early to ensure that maintenance and any needed repairs can be completed before the area sees its first hot day.

Columbus, Ohio Heating contractors remind Ohio residents that simply turning on the air conditioning and hearing it run does not mean the unit is functioning properly. Improperly charged units, for example, will function, but will cost a great deal more to operate. Savings of 20 to 30 percent are commonly seen after undercharged units are properly serviced. With the cost of electricity rising rapidly, that savings can be significant. In addition, an improperly charged unit will also cycle more frequently than necessary, placing a strain on mechanical components. Properly maintained units save consumers money in utility cost and repairs.

Of course even a well maintained air conditioning system can fail during the tough cooling seasons. Professional Columbus, Ohio Heating contractors know how important air conditioning can be, and work with homeowners to restore their service as quickly as possible after a system fails. Companies like Protech Northland Heating and Cooling ( take pride in providing fast service to their clients. Top companies also provide maintenance contracts that offer significant benefits throughout both heating and cooling seasons for clients.

At some point, all heating and cooling appliances need to be replaced, Technicians try to alert clients in advance when a heating or cooling appliance is nearing the end of its useful life, and may suggest replacement if costly repairs to an older unit are needed. Top Columbus, Ohio Heating contractors know that older units are often very inefficient, and recommend replacement when it no longer makes financial sense to keep repairing the old, inefficient unit. New units, like those offered by Carrier and Lennox, are far more efficient than units from the past, and often significantly reduce operating costs for consumers when compared to the older units. Professional heating and air conditioning contractors work with clients to tailor new equipment to clients’ homes, lowering expenses and providing year round comfort.

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