Choosing the Right Color of Abaya

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

When you have a choice of Islamic Abaya garments and clothing, it can be hard to decide which ones to choose. All girls and women love to dress up, and Abayas should be no different. When choosing an Abaya, you should ensure that it is colorful, yet not so bold in color that it is disrespectful to any of your family members, or to others that practice your religion. Blinding Abayas and extra colorful garments can sometimes be taken the wrong way. When choosing your Abaya, you should ensure that you complement your appearance with other accessories that you are wearing. Summer colors that are acceptable include pastel colors such as beige, yellow shades, and whites, while bolder colors are worn during other seasons of the year.

Winter Colors

When choosing a winter outfit, you should opt for browns, grays, black, and dark blues. These colors will reflect the colder weather. As you can imagine, wearing yellow in winter can look somewhat odd to passersby. Reds and burgundies can look quite nice as well, if you are attending a special event, or are having an evening out for entertainment. Bright colors or pastels are considered fashion disasters during the winter months of the year. However, there is nothing set in stone. If you are attending a wedding, then you obviously won’t want to wear black. There are certain times during cold weather months that you can add extra color, while still being fashionably acceptable. Light reds or blue shades are commonly worn for weddings and other special events.

Summer Colors

If you are attending a special summer event, then you should go for colors such as oranges, greens, blues and yellows. Western world clothing is typically chosen along these same lines. Bright fun colors are worn in warmer weather, and cool colors are worn during the winter. Choosing the Islamic Abaya can be a challenging task, but you will never be limited for choice. Many people have them custom made to stand out from others. Whether you are a seasoned shopper, or are buying your very first abaya, you will have plenty of great options when you buy online. Most online specialty stores that sell Muslim clothing will have customer service representatives on hand that can help with the ordering process.

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