Choosing A Welding Method

by | Oct 22, 2018 | Repair Services

One of the advantages of working with an experienced machining and manufacturing service in Minneapolis is the full understanding of the best options in creating the ideal product, component or system. This level of expertise can be instrumental in choosing everything from the best design to the lowest production costs, as well as the best option for welding given the specific requirements for the part or component.

Experience in Working With Materials

Understanding how given metals and alloys, including exotic alloys and superalloys, respond to the welding process is essential. Using an incorrect weldment can result in more significant issues than just aesthetics of the final appearance of the weld.

It can result in early failure at the weld site, increased risk of stress fractures on frames or other components, or even issues with the weld failing completely. Issues such as vibration or exposure to water or corrosive elements could create even greater risks if the weld were not done correctly in the first place.

Types of Weld Options

Depending on the type of metal or alloy as well as the specific requirements for the part, component or system, a specific type of weld may be a superior option. Typically, oxyacetylene welds are the lowest cost, but it is a good option for strength and an easy welding process with many types of metals and alloys.

Stick welding is ideal for thicker metal workpieces, but it is not ideal for thinner components. It is a fast process that produces reliable welds when completed by an experienced welder.


For precision types of weldment needs, MIG and TIG welders offer the ideal solutions for most applications. MIG and TIG are most commonly used for stainless steel, but tungsten arc weld options and standard resistance type welds may also be an option to consider with some components.

Talking to the Minneapolis welding service and discussing price and durability of the weld in the given application is essential to make the right choice.

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