Characteristics of a Wire Rope in Texas

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The wire rope in Texas is a type of rope made from several metal wire strands that are either laid or twisted into a helix. In days gone by, wrought iron wires were popular, but steel, today, is the main material utilized for making wire ropes. Before evolving into wire ropes, steel chains were used but displayed susceptibility to mechanical failure. Flaws in chain solid steel bars or links eventually lead to calamitous failure; the steel cable has a lesser likelihood of failing while at the same time takes up the load easily. The friction present between individual strands and wires, due to their twisted nature, helps to compensate further any flaws.

While looking at the wire rope, it is important to understand that it is comprised of three basic parts: First, are the steel wires that are used to form the wire strands, followed by the strands themselves that spiral round the core, and thirdly is the core that works as the foundation for these strands. Experts at Thomas Wire Rope, the wire rope company, advise you to consider the following six characteristics when evaluating a wire rope;

* Size means the diameter of the wire rope and is measured from the rope’s widest point

* Two numbers that represent wire and strand count provide the classification. For example, 6×37 means that the rope has 6 strands made from 37 wires. The higher the wire/strand count, the more flexible and less durable the rope is.

* Rope lay is used to describe the direction strands and wires spiral round the core.

* Grade of steel of the wire rope is either Extra Extra Improved Plow Steel (XXIPS or EEIPS), Extra Improved Plow Steel (XPIS or EIPS) is the most common grade or Improved Plow Steel (IPS).

* The types of core are available in three configurations. The Fiber Core (FC) is produced from synthetic material and is most elastic and flexible but is also susceptible to crushing. The WSC (Wire Strand Core) is used for smaller rope situations especially for tensioning and suspension. IWRC (Independent Wire Rope Core) is the configuration where a small wire rope is used as a core and is durable in all types of environments.

While choosing the right wire rope in Texas for your application, it is important to consider the kind of load it is going to be subjected to.

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