Boost Workplace Morale With Employee Awards

November, 2013 by Chantel Ledbetter

In these hectic times we live in people are increasingly spending more time in their workplace than at home with their families. Even time at home during evenings and weekends is time spent attending to work duties. Emails, texts and phone calls that require attention are now a twenty four hour, seven day a week part of life for many professions. When sitting at their desks or working at their jobs, a certain fatigue can set in. If it weren’t for that necessary paycheck at the end of the week, many employees would not show up for work at all.

Boosting morale amongst employees and their superiors is a tricky thing. You want to recognize their contributions and let them know how much their labor is appreciated. On the other hand, you don’t want your efforts to be misinterpreted or seem in any way patronizing to an individual or to the group.

Employee Awards – are a perfect way to give recognition to your workers. A well chosen plaque or statue with their name on it lets them know how much you value their work and dedication to your business. An award can be given at a meeting or at a company function or conference for maximum exposure. This gives an individual an opportunity to later display their award on their desk or in their office as a sign of prestige. Or these awards can also be taken home at the winner’s discretion to be shown in their homes to gain the admiration of family and friends.

Employee Awards can also be presented to an entire department on either a group or single name basis. Project leaders can be gifted either as the director of their group’s campaigns or with a larger award as befits the situation. An award plaque can list a series of employee names for one occasion, and names can be added for ensuing years. For more ideas on how to work in the theme of employee awards into your company, visit the website Here you will be able to see the many varieties and styles that can be crafted to meet and exceed the demands of any award ceremony.

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