Beautiful Skin Care Treatment In New York, NY

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

Being beautiful comes naturally to some lucky individuals. Perhaps due to nothing but heredity they have to do nothing but wash their face with a bar of soap and run a comb through their hair before leaving the house. Unfortunately, most of us will never fall into this category. For us, looking good takes work day in and day out. From our skin to our hair we have to actively work at making ourselves better than before. This is why Skin Care Treatment in New York, NY is so grateful for the Berenice Electrolysis and Personal Beauty Center.

Berenice S. Rothenberg has been a longtime leader in the field of removing unwanted hair and making skin care possible for woman and men over forty one years. She has been performing advanced cosmetology treatments such as laser skin procedures and skin care in addition to her specialty of electrolysis at her center in New York City. Ms. Rothenberg is a “CCE” or Certified Clinical Electrologist, a licensed cosmetologist trained and highly skilled in all manners of skin for the face and body. Her ably named Skin Care Treatment in New York, NY provides some of the most luxurious and relaxing skin care experiences found in New York City, and can be found at

In addition to work with electrolysis, the Skin Care Treatment Center uses laser hair removal methods for unwanted hair on face or body. Clients usually see results in one or several appointments depending upon their hair and individual situation. Smooth attractive and younger looking skin is attained through the use of LED light therapy and micro dermabrasion techniques. These long lasting facial procedures are performed by highly skilled and trained cosmetology experts who use their expertise to give men and women the skin they wish they’d be born with.
For that special evening out or total make beauty over, many clients make sure to have their makeup and hair applied and styled by their talented staff. This includes the latest in air brush make up so that skin looks flawless and remains able to breathe under a professional make up application.

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