An Emergency Dentist In Pleasantville Can Take Care Of Any Of Your Dental Traumas

February, 2014 by Alma Abell

If one of your kids gets injured while playing little league or football at school and has damaged teeth, you will want to know an Emergency Dentist in Pleasantville to be able to take them to. An Emergency Dentist is a dentist that has gone through at least two years of specialized training. They know how to calm traumatized patients and, when necessary, administer sedation so that they can treat chipped or broken teeth. If a tooth gets knocked out and the tooth is brought in and kept damp, they may be able to re-insert the tooth. While it is appreciated if you call and let the Emergency Dentist in Pleasantville know that you are on your way in, they will take you as a walk-in without the need for an appointment.

Common Emergency Dental Treatments:

  Chipped teeth
  Teeth that have been broken
  Root Canals
  Emergency Extractions
*   Treatments for adult or children with mouth injuries

The smarter parents will look for a family dental practice to take care of their family’s dental needs. Besides a general service dentist, they will see if there are other dental specialties available. Having a Cosmetic dentist will ensure that all or partial smile makeovers are available. An Implant Dentist can do single or multiple dental implants to replace missing teeth or to improve the stabilization of dentures. If there isn’t an Emergency dentist in the office, you will want to know if your dentist will take walk-in emergencies and if they have a referral emergency dentist that they can let you know about.

Sometimes a Cosmetic Dentist is referred to as a Teeth Whitening Dentist. In addition to professional teeth whitening, a Cosmetic Dentist also provides for teeth bonding, veneers and even nearly invisible braces called Invisalign Clear Aligners or braces. The Invisalign Aligners are mostly for adults that have gaps or crooked teeth but are too embarrassed to wear those traditional wire braces.

An Emergency Dentist in Pleasantville is the dentist that does the initial repairs for adult dental injuries. The smile repair is then completed by a dentist of one or more of the other dental specialties. Each of these dentists know how important a good smile is to both business and social situations.


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