All You Need Know About Air Conditioning Services in Weatherford, TX

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

The air conditioning unit is an appliance whose function is to regulate heat and humidity or change the general quality of air in the home, office or in the passenger compartment of a vehicle. The AC makes your home cooler by first drawing heat energy out of your home and transferring it to the outdoors, then replacing the air inside your house with cooler air. Unlike in the past when heating and cooling appliances used to come in different units, heating and cooling appliances are now commonly integrated into one system. These systems are referred to as Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning units. They are more complicated compared to air conditioning units; therefore, if your system needs attention, then it is important to call in Air Conditioning Services Weatherford TX technicians. This is because these systems require specialized care.

How air conditioning works
Generally, an air conditioning unit has four parts: a condenser, an evaporator, a compressor and an expansion device. A compressor normally condenses the coolant, and circulates it through the outdoor unit. In this circulation, the gas refrigerant is changed into liquid, which is then forced through the indoor cooling compartment. This compartment is made of evaporation coils. The fan circulates the air inside the unit across the evaporator fins. These fins, in turn, exchange the thermal energy with the air around it. By so doing, the fins help in turning the coolant from liquid to vapor, removing any heat from the surrounding air. Cooled air is then blown back into the building.

Repair and maintenance
Air conditioning units are designed to last for years if they are well maintained. However, even with proper maintenance, these appliances will be subject to breakdown due to wear and tear that is common to any electrical appliance. Even after having said that, you need to know that proper preventative maintenance will ensure longevity and efficiency of your equipment. Some of the do-it-yourself maintenance services include cleaning or changing air filters regularly, refilling the coolant and cleaning the duct among others.

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