Advantages Of Hiring A Licensed Electrician In Round Rock TX

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Homeowners that have electrical needs are faced with a choice of hiring a licensed electrician or a handyman with electrical skills. In order to save money some will choose the handyman instead of the licensed Electrician In Round Rock TX. There are many advantages to hiring an electrician that is licensed, knowing these advantages can help many in doubt make a more informed decision.

Hiring an electrician that has been licensed by their local state to do electrical work in residential areas will have taken the time to learn all of the codes of the state. In order to pass a state inspection all electrical work has to meet state code. Many handyman do not have this knowledge. This can mean your renovation or electrical work will not pass the state inspection. Now you will have to go back and make sure the work meets the code and usually you hire a licensed electrician anyway.

A license is earned by the electrician. This means that person has successfully met the criteria for their knowledge. They not only know the codes, but also how to safely wire residential units. A handyman has not gone through this training and instead may have some knowledge, but there can be many things they will not know. Faulty wiring can lead to damage and further repair as well as a possible fire.


A licensed Electrician In Round Rock TX will also carry insurance to protect themselves and the homeowner in case of accidental damage. Few if any handymen carry such insurance. Only a licensed electrician can carry insurance covering electrical work. This insurance is a safety blanket for the electrician as well as the homeowner.

While on the face of it the handyman may be able to do the same work as the electrician, yet charge substantially less allows the homeowner a false sense of security. A licensed electrician will stand behind their work, few handymen will do that. The insurance that electricians carry is not only for themselves. but also to protect the homeowner as well. Poor electrical work can at best cause a short in a new appliance for example and at its worst can potentially cause a fire. Neither scenario is one that any homeowner wants to deal with.

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