Advantages of Hiring a Company who Handles Air Conditioning Installation in Baltimore, MD for Routine Maintenance

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

Every year before the start of summer, it is important for homeowners make sure their air conditioning system is in good order by hiring a company who handles Air Conditioning Installation in Baltimore, MD. By having a trained professional spend time inspecting and performing any repairs needed, the homeowner will know their unit is in good condition and will be able to keep their home comfortable during the warm months of summer.
One of the first things a professional from a company who deals with Air Conditioning Installation in Baltimore, MD will want to do is to clean the system. Most systems have two separate units, one inside and the other outside of the home. Both of these units can become dirty, so the repair person will need to spend time cleaning both of them. The inside unit contains the blower, which moves the cooled air into the duct work of the home. This unit should be vacuumed inside and out. Grilles or vents should be cleaned using a stiff brush, and the air filter on the unit should be checked and replaced if necessary.

Once the unit is cleaned, the technician from a business Handling Air Conditioning Installation MD will want to examine the electrical wiring to the unit. He or she will be checking for signs of damage or other issues, which can make the unit unsafe to operate. The connections will also be checked to ensure they are secure. If anything is amiss, the technician will need to replace or repair the damaged parts. The motor will also need to be oiled to keep it operating correctly. The fan and fan belt will need to be checked for damage and replaced if necessary.

The outside unit houses both the compressor and the condenser elements of the system. Because of its location, it can tend to collect a lot of large debris such as leaves, branches, trash and other clutter. This will need to be cleaned out before the professional can start work on the unit. There are coils, which surround this unit, that can become quite dirty. They should be vacuumed clean or washed with a high-pressure nozzle and coil cleaner. The fins on the unit should also be cleaned using a soft brush. Once this is done, the unit’s electrical wiring and connections should be checked as well. Visit their website

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