Add Warmth to Your Home with Help From Kitchen Designer in Pittsburgh

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Add Warmth to Your Home with Help From Kitchen Designer in Pittsburgh

The kitchen is the most used room in the home. It is also the room that can shape how the home feels more than any other room. For these reasons, and several others, it is understandable why the kitchen is the room that is most often remodeled or redesigned. There are many aspects of a kitchen that can be changed, and working with a Kitchen Designer in Pittsburgh is the best way to get a kitchen that will meet the needs and wants of everyone in the home.

Choose a Color that Works

One of the most popular trends in kitchen design is to choose a neutral color palate. Gone are the days of bright and flashy colors, and back are the days of choosing something neutral. A neutral palate doesn’t mean that it will be boring, it simply means that it won’t necessarily be the focal point. White and gray colors for paint and cabinets create a timeless and classic look. This type of color palate also allows for styling and accessorizing in the kitchen in different ways over the course of time.

Rethink Shelf Space

Another great trend that a Kitchen Designer in Pittsburgh can help with is the concept of open shelving. Rather than having a bunch of dated and closed off cabinet spaces, go for some open shelving that brings a more modern look to the kitchen. Open shelves also allow for the display of dishes which can add a whole new element to the room. These shelves need to be kept neat and tidy because the contents will always be on display, so they can help with organizing the kitchen as well.

New Countertops

The countertop space in a kitchen is the one area that probably makes the biggest statement when it is changed. Granite countertops have been popular for quite some time, but one of the newest trends is moving to Quartz countertops. This surface requires virtually no maintenance, and it comes in a wide array of colors to match any design concept. Working with a professional and experienced kitchen design group will make the process of creating a beautiful kitchen space much easier. Pittsburgh area residents can read more about us to find out how we can help make the kitchen of your dreams a reality.