A Roofing Company In Des Moines Will Find & Fix Leaks

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

A roof in need of repair can destroy your home. Many problems with the shingles can cause leaks, so it is prudent to call a Roofing Company in Des Moines. This disastrous feat is accomplished by rain entering your home, then running down between the walls leaving black mold in its path. If rain is allowed to travel down the outside basement walls, more damage can be done to the foundation. If rain runs directly off of your roof onto the flower beds close to the house, then water will begin to destroy the foundation. If your home is a slab home, then the damage could come from rain washing dirt away from the edges of the slab. The tragedy is you will not even suspect this until you start to see water damage in the home.

The only good way for the roof to be examined for areas that could cause these problems is to have a professional roofer examine the roof and the flashing. This includes examining the decking and the sealant around openings in the roof for the vents and the chimney. Many problems not visible to the untrained eye will allow water to leak into the home.

Great sealing products have come on the market in past 5 years, excellent for dealing with the difficult areas such as where the shingles have pulled away from another material. For instance, the shingles can separate from brick and leave a gap where water can penetrate. The vent pipes are another area of concern. When roofs are subject to the heat and the cold over the years there will be cracks developing, and while these can be re-sealed it is important to select the correct sealer.

The Roofing Company in Johnston will spot shingles that are not put down with the proper spacing between the end of shingles on one layer and the beginning of shingles on the layer above. The spacing should be 5 inches. Otherwise water will get under the shingles and eventually get on the decking where it will find an opening to the attic. Then the trouble begins. So, improperly installed shingles are the culprit.

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