A Roof Inspection by a Roofer in Idaho Falls Will Prolong the LIfe of Your Roof

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

Homeowners and owners of commercial properties should have a trained roofing technician perform an annual inspection of their roof. Roofs in Idaho Falls experience severe and damaging weather. A roof inspection begins by locating the chimneys, dormers, flashing points and gutters. The roof surfacing material will also be inspected. Roofer in Idaho Falls can discuss an inspection.

The flashing and the sealant around the chimney is inspected because the harsh weather can deteriorate the flashing very quickly allowing water to pass through it into the attic. Another point of entry for water into the attic is the flashing which may be cracked and weather worn.

The gutters are inspected to ensure they are tight against the fascia and have no cracks which would allow water to run down the side of the home or the building. Water can flow down the side into the basement foundation resulting in a leak in the basement area.

Roofer in Idaho Falls is a good source of advice on inspections of the structure supporting the roof to ensure that the roof trusses have not been warped by water. This inspection may reveal a leak, and if the leak is substantial, then it will leave a trail down the roof trusses to a point where it enters the home or building. The condition of the sheathing may be an indication of the need for a closer inspection.

The roof cap should be secure to prevent water from blowing underneath it. The same concern exists with the starter shingles. The “V” leak barrier can also become worn and loose allowing water to enter during a wind storm.

Roofing nails can become loose or come off leaving the shingles exposed to the weather and the sheathing exposed to rotting. Shingles can curl up on the edges which will allow water to get underneath the shingles and cause the shingles to wear and the water to get onto the underlayment.

The shingles may not have been installed properly leaving incorrect spacing between the rows and the shingles. This is a condition which will cause the shingles to become dislodged and allow water to get underneath the shingles. This type of incorrect installation will cause the roof to deteriorate faster. Roofer in Idaho Falls can be a good source of advice for dealing with this problem.

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