A Full-Service Pawn Shop in Nassau County, NY for Buyers and Sellers

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

Pawn shops have been around for centuries and they are a great solution for many sellers and buyers. They offer a valued service to their communities. They give sellers the opportunity to sell unwanted jewelry, antiques, or miscellaneous items, and for buyers they can purchase items for reasonable prices. Although pawn shops typically have a physical location, customers can also peruse Pawn shops online to see what they buy and sell, but when customers need a Pawn Shop in Nassau County, NY, Capital Pawn Brokers Inc. are licensed and fully insured pawn brokers who offer sellers the best prices in the industry, and they provide the highest quality items for buyers looking for a good deal.

Pawn shops typically offer loans for certain items, or they give customers cash on the spot for their goods. At Capital Pawn Brokers Inc. customers who would like to pawn their valuables will receive their items back once the terms of their loan has been completed, and customers who want to sell their valuables will receive payment above their retail value. Capital Pawn Brokers Inc. has been in the industry for more than 90 years, and they have built a reputation they have sustained by giving their customers the best prices with the friendliest customer service.

Capital Pawn Brokers Inc. specializes in precious metals, jewelry, antiques and other miscellaneous valuables. They buy, gold, platinum, gold coins, scrap gold, dental gold, silver, palladium, iridium, ruthenium, rhodium, and more. For jewelry and antique items, they buy gold watches, antique jewelry, artwork, paintings, all types of diamonds, estate jewelry, pearls emeralds, wedding bands, rubies, broken jewelry, and any other jewelry or antique items that have value. In addition, they buy a variety of other valuables, such as famous autographs, historical documents, electronics, acoustic guitars, violins and more.

Capital Pawn Brokers Inc. offers their customers free appraisals, and they have jewelers on-site for walk-ins or by appointment. For customers who have valuables with a high net worth, they also provide free protected transportation for safety concerns, and they will partner with customers who have a large amount of gold items to sell and want to host a gold buying party. When customers are searching for a Pawn Shop in Nassau County, NY, Capital Pawn Brokers Inc. caters to buyers and sellers. Their years of experience and quality customer service are highly appreciated by their customers and attests to their longevity.

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